Yemen crisis becomes more complicated

Yemen crisis becomes more complicated
ID : N-787 Date : 2017/12/05 - 21:45

(Persia Digest) – With the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh, former Yemeni President, the country is further submerged into its complicated faith. With the sudden U-turn by Saleh a few days ago breaking his alliance with the Houthis, previously in a coalition with the Houthi forces (Ansarllah) against Saudi Arabia and its allies, war broke out between his loyal forces and Ansarullah forces in Sana. Later, Saleh announced on TV that if Saudi coalition strikes on the Yemen were to end, he would start a new page in their relations.

Saudi Arabia welcomed the proposal and called for the return of Yemen to the Arab family. But the political offices of the Houthi group announced in a statement Saleh's betrayal of a partnership that he had never believed in. Thus, the Houthis, who had the upper hand in their struggle with their former ally, succeeded in capturing the important sections of the capital and Saleh was also killed in the clashes that took place.

The three-sided war in the Yemen (The Saudi alliance, the alliance of Saleh and the Houthis, and the al-Qaeda) has now split in four and the Houthi forces, in addition to fighting the Saudi alliance and al-Qaeda, must also deal with forces loyal to Saleh. This will definitely be in the interests of Saudi Arabia, because it sees part of the Houthi forces engaged in hostility with another group, which would lead to their weakening.

With the death of Saleh, the situation has become more complicated and it is unclear when Yemen will see peace. Some have speculated that Saleh turning his back on the Houthis was designed by the Emirates on the advice of Riyadh to keep the Houthis engaged in a civil war with Saleh supporters and get themselves out of this swamp.

Although the Houthi front is united now, no predictions can be made for the future of this conflict. However, perhaps what is less thought of is the opportunity for development that countries like the Yemen lose out on – an important issue that the President of Iran pointed out today in his speech at the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.


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