Zarif: The US must indicate that it is worth talking to

Zarif: The US must indicate that it is worth talking to
ID : N-2584 Date : 2018/08/06 - 15:15

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Minister has called Trump’s stunt for unconditional talks a propaganda and said the US must indicate that it is worth talking to.

Persia Digest reports that Javad Zarif said: “The Americans budget billions of dollars to contact the Iranian people; but it is all a lie. In spite of your claims, how come you first sanctioned the sale of passenger airplanes to Iran? Why did you ban the Europeans from selling airplane parts to Iran?”

Zarif added: “Some of the US bullying may lead to pressures on us, but today everyone talks of the isolation of Trump, Netanyahu, and Ben Salman.”

He reminded: “These three individuals are the symbols of suppression, violence, and distrust in the world; people who trample on international treaties, abuse the human rights of the Palestinians, and take hostage the prime minister of another country in theirs.”

Zarif added: “The current state of the economy and the forex market is the effects of their psychological warfare. It can only get better, because they have already done everything they could.”

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Zarif commented on negotiations with the United States by saying: “At the end of our JCPOA negotiations, the Supreme Leader said that if you reach a conclusion, we can continue to negotiate with the Americans. We spent two years on the longest negotiations in history on the nuclear issue with the Americans and other JCPOA signatories. Every single word in the JCPOA has been negotiated and Mr Trump has cancelled the whole thing with one signature. You have ignored the valuable time and talks with took place, its conclusion, and the UNSCR which was accepted by the majority of countries. Under the circumstances, you still claim that you want to negotiate. These are simply claims and propaganda. Iran has always indicated that it is willing to talk, but the US must indicate that it is worth talking to.”

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