Zarif announced three EU commitments to Iran

Zarif announced three EU commitments to Iran
ID : N-2411 Date : 2018/07/17 - 11:25

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Minister has announced three economic commitments by the EU made to Iran regarding the sale of oil at current levels, transport, and banking ties, all agreed to in the JCPOA.

Javad Zarif told an economic summit: “Our partners in the JCPOA have committed to the continued sale of Iranian oil at current levels, transport, banking transactions, and economic ties. There is an international political will for continued active presence in Iran despite US pressures. All of Iran’s partners in the JCPOA are ready to work with us following the illegal unilateral US withdrawal from this multilateral deal.”

Zarif said: “The world is now at a crossroads; will the US impose its political will on the world, or will the world decide according to a system of law for which the US was also once a founding member? I am certain that political decision-making in the world will be in line with the law. But the extent to which countries are able to counteract US bullying is still questionable.”

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The Iranian Foreign Minister emphasized: “Practical initiatives by the 5+1 group without the US have already began. We have discussed the initial details in terms of oil sales and banking guarantees in Vienna at ministerial level. My colleagues will follow up on this during this week in the European capitals and with the other two JCPOA signatories.”

Zarif also stated: “We have reserved the right to withdraw from the JCPOA. But our choice is to work with the remaining signatories in the deal to reach a solution.”

Iran’s top diplomat added: “The present US Administration is not skilled in dealing with the world. This is not linked to NAFTA or the JCPOA. They have abrogated all these laws. It is necessary to stop this attitude which has become customary in the world. Otherwise, disrupting the world order will become a habit.”

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