Zarif reacts to US exit plans from JCPOA

Zarif reacts to US exit plans from JCPOA
ID : N-224 Date : 2017/08/30 - 15:45

(Persia digest)- Iranian FM says John Bolton’s plans for the US President to leave JCPOA is a huge failure for the US and will isolate it increasingly on the international stage.

Javad Zarif said I have read Mr Bolton’s plan. It seems he has made it public because he was unable to present it to the White House. He reiterated that this was not the first time Mr Bolton has presented such plans. His policies were implemented in the 2000s last time and the Americans saw the results. Mr Bolton must remember that if his policies were successful, there would have been no need for the US to return to the negotiating table with Iran ten years later to reach an agreement.

Bolton, a former US Ambassador to the UN, recently said Steve Bannon had given him a mandate to send a United States-led unilateral withdrawal plan to the White House. With Bannon out of the WH, Bolton now fears that the voice of the opponents of JCPOA will not be heard by the President of the United States. He publicly released his JCPOA exit plan for everyone to know that there is a ‘unilateral exit plan’ from JCPOA by the US.

Bolton writes we can highlight the reasons for abrogating the deal by providing new declassified information about Iran's unacceptable behavior around the world.

The former US Ambassador to the UN has asked for a coordinated campaign to overturn the nuclear deal. He says the main focus of such a campaign must be for Washington to inform the main actors in the deal, such as Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia of its plans to exit JCPOA.

According to Bolton, revealing classified information on why the JCPOA is bad for the US, diplomatic initiatives in the region, and steps taken by Congress are all an important part of the campaign. He says we must act and persuade others to carry out their responsibilities.


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