Zarif under attack at Amirkabir University

Zarif under attack at Amirkabir University
ID : N-1702 Date : 2018/05/03 - 11:00

(Persia Digest) – The presence of Iran’s Foreign Minister in Amirkabir University to celebrate Teachers’ Day has been marred by marginal events.

In his speech, Javad Zarif criticized certain political groups inside the country who deal blows to national interests by facilitating capital flight.

He also pointed to comments made by the Saudi Prince, MBS, who had declared that Iran was not even 5th on the list of most powerful armies in the Islamic world, and stated: “If this is true, then why all the alarm and panic?”

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia was the third country in the world last year in terms of arms procurement, and added: “They admit that they can not counter Iran, because the sources of power are different now.”

Zarif continued: “Having the support of the people gives meaning to power in a country. Iran has the benefit of such a power. This is incomparable with all other powers. A country able to absorb hearts and minds can be effective on the world scene.”

He went on to say: “Iran’s development and advancement emanates from within. Mr Trump cannot dictate to us that we will fall apart within a fortnight without his support.”

Iran’ Foreign Minister also criticized certain political factions in the country, saying: “Why won’t you trust your diplomats and claim that such and such a diplomat has been cheated; while Messrs Trump and Netanyahu keep saying that it is the US who has been cheated and it is Iran who has benefited.”

Persia Digest reports that as Mr Zarif was leaving the University following his speech, groups of students critical of Iran’s top diplomat who had been carrying placards with anti-Zarif and Rouhani government slogans from the start attacked the car carrying the Foreign Minister, damaging it with punches and kicks.

Slogans included: “Mr Zarif! Iran does not regret its presence in the region”, “As the nuclear JCPOA was unable to solve our economic problems, neither will the missile program JCPOA”, “We must learn from the US abrogation of the JCPOA”, and “Threats are neutralized with actions not smiles”, “Placation equals US aggression”.


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