The man who changed the world with Alcohol

The man who changed the world with Alcohol
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(Persia Digest) - 27 August is national pharmacy day in Iran and the memorial day celebrating Zakaria Razi - scientist, philosopher and first Iranian pharmacist.

The discovery of Alcohol may be one of the most significant human discoveries in the field of chemistry, a substance that was first discovered by Zakaria Razi. He was the scientist who realized the transition from the age of Alchemy to the age of Chemistry and scientific materialism.

All his precedents who were involved in experimenting with substances were called Alchemists. Alchemist was regarded as a person who knows alchemy. A semi-science that aimed at turning copper into gold.

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Back then, besides its material aspect, alchemy carried a metaphysical aspect as well. Some of the alchemists were also called wizards. However, Razi laid new foundations for his practice and shaped the foundations of today’s science of chemistry.

Razi was also involved in philosophy. Like Galen, he believed that a good physician must be a prominent philosopher. However, Razi was not a follower of Plato. He was rather influenced by Socrates, Manichaeism, and Indian philosophy. Razi was also an expert in astrology.

Circa 925 CE, Razi passed away in Ray city, the very same city he was born in. More than 180 titles of his works have survived in various fields of medical sciences, astrology, philosophy, and chemistry.

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