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The magic art of Enameling
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The magic art of Enameling

Enameling in Isfahan is an art with a 5000-year history and is currently performed on copper. In the old days, it was done on gold and silver. This art is a combination of fire and soil combined with the art of painting to create exquisite designs. Enameling is also old among other nations. The Persian enamel is said to have gone from Iran to other countries once researchers had adapted Byzantine enamel to the Persian enamel.

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Iranian musician wins 2019 Grammy Award


The first album of the “Opium Moon” ensemble has won the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album at the 61st edition of the awards.

BBC Monitoring: Tweets supporting Warsaw Summit are artificial


BBC Monitoring has tweeted: “Analysis of more than 14,000 tweets from last month which used #WeSupportPolandSummit, found that the majority of posts originated from just 8 accounts. The summit is largely viewed as a US bid to deter other nations from cooperating with Iran. Anti-establishment chatter has used the hashtag #WeSupportPolandSummit. The desired effect appears to be to artificially create a trend which hints at popular support for the summit and - by extension - widespread resentment towards the Iranian establishment. This research is part of a wider investigation into opposition social media activity by Iranians.”

Suicide attack on IRGC bus in Iran kills 27, scores wounded


A bus carrying a number of Islamic Republic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) personnel was blown up by a suicide attack in the Chanali area of Khash-Zahedan road.

Iran’s loss if Guaido wins in Venezuela


Iran’s former ambassador to Venezuela believes: “Iran-Venezuela ties will be undermined if Juan Guaidó wins and Iran may be hurt because of US dominance over Venezuela’s oil resources and its impact on global prices.”

Marjan Kalhor: I declared my fault for moral reasons


An Iranian woman skier spoke about declaring her fault to the judges at the World Ski Championships which resulted in her elimination, and said: “I did it for my moral beliefs and ethics.”

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An unlikely Eurasian convergence


Although the three-nation summit did not get much press in the West, its emergence is a signal, albeit a quiet one, that Eurasia’s geopolitical landscape is undergoing major changes.

Zarif: Iran has most important strategic ties with China


At a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Iran’s top diplomat pointed to the important relations between China and Iran, underlining that his country has the most important strategic ties in the world with China.

Iran qualifies for World Deaf Futsal Championships


Iran’s National Deaf Futsal Team has won Japan to qualify for the world championships.

Iranian caricaturist wins PAPB International Cartoon Festival


Iranian caricaturist, Alireza Pakdel, has won the PAPB International Cartoon Festival 2019, Indonesia, prize in the Professional Category.

Iran: Saudi Arabia godfather of takfiri terrorism


Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi described Saudi Arabia as the godfather of Takfiri terrorism in the region and world, saying that Saudi government which is origin of organized terrorism lacks authority to accuse others of supporting terrorism.