Crisis in Télématin: New writers knock on the show door

At the beginning of the next academic year, visitors Telematin Is entitled to a completely new format of the show. But with most of the team retained, some have opted to pack.

Telematin One of the most cult and beloved events of the PAF. But in recent years, it has been at the center of many controversies above all else. Once united, the team split from William Leamerky, who was about to embark on a new adventure on the C8. Except for budget restrictions, Who caused many iconic columnists to leave the program. Not even Charlotte Boutleaf or Henry-Jean Schwartz among them will ever watch the show again since he left the show.

In this tense situation, No one really hides it. Former editor Laurent Pignolas also admitted to being at the heart of a heavy situation. “Some people did not live badly during this period, even if they felt sadness or frustration, I can only imagine.. But to blame that I am responsible for it, no! If you know how I took itHe believed in the passages Parisian. Conclusion: The program will change from top to bottom next academic year!

The producer promises the audience

Before long, visitors can discover a new form of their morning show. But not all will be part of the adventure. Starting with Laurent Pignolas, he relinquishes his role as presenter for both Thomas Soto and Julia Vignoli. Damien Devenot and Maya Locke will rule from Friday to Sunday. But then, Should we expect other departures within the editorial staff? The show’s producer, Ofley Radro-Wine, initially wanted to reassure audiences.

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“I minimized any controversy, No one has been removed from this new project. There were about thirty newspapers. The majority continue to work for Télématin, sometimes with different organizational methods you can find them in the air. (…) Others will no longer be in the air, But stay on the team Telematin, Insisted on mentioning the producer in the columns TV-leisure. However, she did not hide it: the departures will be the same. The reason? “Last, well, some of the numbers, They themselves have decided to leave the show“, He finished. We need to see who it is …


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