L'Elan Béarnais a su faire trembler l'Astroballe et l'Asvel.

There will be frustration in Elan Béarnais’s locker room, after this trip to the Asvel floor, as part of the 31st day of the Jeep Elite. Because Eric Barchecki’s men managed to arouse suspicion, destabilizing the bloated Lyon Villeurbanne team.

Like the game against Strasbourg, but also in Bernier’s final encounters, the aggressiveness and desire to win led the Bernese, which is very different from the one on the ground during the first part of the season.

If Asvel appears to have kicked off in the first minutes, Elan Béarnais will suspend the home score very quickly and stay on his way throughout the meeting. On two occasions, in the first and third quarters, Elan will be able to lead the score. He advances by 3 points after twenty-five minutes of play.

The delay is only two points when the last straight line begins. But in this infernal enemy, Asvel has more power and his accelerator will be fatal to Elan. Béarnais Arch from 106 to 90.

But the soul is there, and the collective too. A united team is ready to take on the maintenance battle. Next stop in front of Portel, from the Palace of Sport, Tuesday 27 April at France Bleu Béarn Bigorre!

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