(Persia Digest) - From last night, the filtering of Telegram messenger service which has been blocked for several days, was removed in Iran.

The application blocked last week on the orders of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, has now been removed from filtering on the orders of the President of Iran. Iranians can now use this application without the use of VPNs.

Telegram is the most popular internet messenger in Iran with 40 million of Iran’s 80 million people using this application.

In the recent unrests in some of the cities of Iran, Telegram had the leadership role of messaging for protestors. Several Telegram channels supplied information as to the where and when of the gatherings for protestors.

This issue, accompanied with the promotion of violence through Telegram channels, led to Iranian authorities to, first, ask for removal of Telegram channels by the director of this messenger service, and then, ask that they be filtered.

However, with a calmer situation prevailing in Iran and the removal of exigencies, access to Telegram messaging in Iran has returned to normal. This development has met with different reactions in Iran and from some members of the international media.

Many Telegram channels and groups inside Iran have looked at this latest development with a kind of humorous approach and have published some funny remarks. However, political activists and dissidents, and also hardliners have expressed their concern on the removal of filtering from Telegram and opposed this measure. They have held the President of Iran and his Minister of Communications responsible for the consequences.

On the international scene, contrary to the wide news coverage regarding the filtering of Telegram channels, the news of removing the filtering has not had extensive coverage.

Still, the Washington Post reported on the removal of filtering from Telegram channels in Iran after two weeks of disturbances and unrest on the streets of Iran. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) of Canada also wrote: “Informed sources have confirmed the removal of filtering from Telegram messenger service. According to CBC, many Iranians, after Telegram was filtered, used VPNs (devices to break through filter barriers) to circumvent the restriction imposed on Telegram. Iranian authorities also confirmed that thousands of jobs were put at risk due to the restrictions. ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) News, and Reuters also wrote: “Following a reduction in disturbances and unrests in Iran, Telegram has seen its filtering removed.”

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