(Persia Digest) – The Motorcycle and Automobile Federation Chief of the IR of Iran said: “In line with Tabriz having been selected as the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018, the women’s rally for Islamic countries will also take place simultaneously.”

Mohammad Seyedanlu added: “Following talks with the Federation, arrangements have been made for the rally to take place in September 2018.”

He reminded: “Together with the Asian Federation, we are planning to hold a series of rallies for the Middle East in the New Year following a period of absence.”

He continued: “The Asian Federation has also agreed to a round of motocross rallies hosted by Iran; a number of venues have already announced their readiness for this.”

Seyedanlu added: “Iran and a handful of its neighboring and Asian countries cannot organize F1 and F2 rallies; but, together with the Asian Federation, these countries can hold a round of regional competitions.”

He went on to say: “Every round of the rallies will take place in one of the countries, including Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Our drivers can assess themselves up against their foreign counterparts.”

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