(Persia Digest) – Iran has already registered three of its historic churches as Unesco World Heritage sites. It is now planning to place the Vank Cathedral in Isfahan on the list of registrations.

Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, Deputy Minister of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Iran, has spoken at the closing ceremony of “Iran and Armenia: Memory of a Land”, and said: “The common cultural bonds between Iran and Armenia are as old as time. We have a long list of Armenian churches and cathedrals, three of which have been registered as Unesco World Heritage sites. We are following-up to add Vank Cathedral to this list.”

He added: “We have also conducted talks with the Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage office (ICH) on our mutual heritage and the renovation of Kabud Mosque in Yerevan. We are hoping for the cooperation of Yerevan City Council.”

Talebian continued by saying that the two neighboring countries of Iran and Armenia held the above-mentioned exhibition to stress the importance of this shared heritage, and said: “This is a step towards highlighting the common roots of our two countries and plan for further exchanges. We believe this exhibition to have been an important move forward in expanding cultural ties between Armenia and Iran, and to familiarize our compatriots with this heritage. Organizing an exhibition of Iranian artifacts in Armenia to expand this dynamic link can be our next positive move. This initial planning for this is being carried out and we hope to bring this to life in the near future.”

Seyed Ahmad Mohit-Tabatabaei, Head of ICOM, said: “Curators of museums in Armenia initially joined the ICOM committee in Iran to enable them to setup ICOM in Armenia. This is a cooperation between the museums, and a natural convergence of mutual memories in the histories of both countries.”

Mohit-Tabatabaei continued: “If we take Armenian culture out of Iranian culture, and Iranian culture out of Armenian culture, both will suffer a great loss.”

At the end of the ceremonies, two “Uratur cuneiform inscriptions” and the “Iran and Armenia: Memory of a Land” catalogue were unveiled. The Armenian Choir group performed three pieces, including “Iran”, at the ceremony.

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