(Persia Digest) – During the months of March to December 2017, over 160 tons of saffron worth more than USD 219MM and 270 was exported from Iran to various countries. This shows an increase of 33.33% in weight and 26.05% in value as compared to a similar period last year.

Iran’s red gold customers are among 56 countries. Of these, the UAE is the biggest buyer with 23 tons, Hong Kong with 15 tons, Spain with 14 tons, Afghanistan with 5 tons, and China with 4 tons. These add up to over 78% of saffron exports from Iran.

The US, Germany, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Holland are among the countries who are planning to purchase a larger amount of saffron from Iran, and Madagascar has recently joined the list of customers.

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