(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Tourism Commission of Shiraz’s Islamic City Council has announced: “The first Tajik tourism and cultural week will take place in Shiraz in the Iranian New Year Nowruz 1397 (2018) in the spring.

Solmaz Dehghani added: “The arts, customs, culture, and tourism attractions of Tajikistan will be introduced in Shiraz during this week in different stands of the exhibition.”

Dehghani pointed to the mutual cultural backgrounds between Iran and Tajikistan, and said: “We are also planning an Iranian cultural week and Shiraz tourism in Tajikistan. We hope this will happen next year and we can familiarize the people of Tajikistan with the ancient city of Shiraz and its numerous historic sites.”

She continued: “A large number of Iranian and foreign tourists travel to Fars Province, especially its capital Shiraz, during Nowruz. Special cultural, tourism, and artistic programs are being planned for the Iranian New Year, to be held in the now dry bed of the river in Shiraz.

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