(Persia Digest) – The premiere of “Invasion”, directed by Shahram Mokri, means it can no longer take part in the main Competition category, but the film has been invited to the Panorama category of the Berlin International Film Festival.

As the film had already been screened in Iran, it could not be submitted to the Competition category. But its first international screening will take place at the Berlinale.

Its international distributor, Mohammad Attebaei, had announced earlier that the film will be screened worldwide in 2018. In view of the good critiques the film has received from the cinema community in Iran, it will be interesting to see how this different motion picture will be evaluated in Berlin.

Mokri’s previous production, “Fish and the cat”, also premiered at the Venice Film Festival. It is hoped that “Invasion” will follow in its successful footsteps in festivals and showings outside Iran.

Currently, “Invasion” is on the screen at the “Art & Experience” group of cinemas in Iran and has attracted one of the largest audiences at the box office.

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