(Persia digest)- Behnaz Shafiei has been riding her bike for over 13 years. Many Iranian girls who know ‘no boundaries for women’ boldly carry on with their dreams. She says women in this country fight and get what they want. They just need to be supported and believed in.

She thinks of herself as an ambassador of Iran and says I try to rectify the wrong Iranophobia images broadcast about Iran to the world and show everyone the true face of its people.

Although she has had many people opposing her, Behnaz Shafiei is now Iran’s most famous woman biker. She has won first prize in the only championships in the women’s section in Iran. She is now getting ready to take part in the Dubai biking races.

Behnaz is proud to encourage other women who are interested in biking. The most important step she has taken is to hold free lessons for 114 Iranian girls and teach them how to use the gear and clutch of ordinary motorcycles. Nearly 20 of them are now active as semi-professional bikers.

In a trip to the US, she was recently able to get her Motocross and Motorace permits. Various networks have traveled to Iran and reported on her, such as the National Geographic Channel, BBC, CNN, Norwegian TV, US AP, French AFP, and the German ZDF.

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