(Persia Digest) –A documentary entitled “The Song of God” has been completedon the life of Seyed GhadamyarHosseini, the 120-year old tanbour player from Kermanshah, western Iran.

The “maghami” ethnic music classification in Iran is still alive, although it has lost many of its prominent musicians and vocalists. These khonyāgarān (singers and musicians)around Iran have kept their local rituals alive with their songs and instruments. Seyed GhadamyarHosseini was one of these musicians who played the tanbour for many years, handing down the “magham” classification of tanbour to his students by word of mouth.

The documentary entitled “The Song of God” by documentary maker ArefMohammadi is about the life of Seyed GhadamyarHosseini, who is known as the oldest tanbour player in the history of Iran. The biopic was made over a period of two years, narrating both his personal and artistic life. Seyed Ghadamyar’s hour came on 27 June 2013 at the age of 120. He left this world due to old age, but leaves behind films and recordings of his performances in folk music festivals.

His birthday is recorded as 1908 in his birth certificate; but, as he put it himself, he was already 15 when his certificate was issued. He learned his art from a young age from his father, Master Seyed Tarimorad, his uncle Seyed Baba Hossein, and his eldest brother Seyed Salman. In later years, he apprenticed with one of the greatest and highly respected Sufis and tanbour players of his time, Seyed NasrollahJeihun-Abadi.

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