(Persia Digest) –Ali-Akbar Sadeghi'spainting exhibition opened in the heavy snowfall yesterday afternoon,amid a crowd of Iranian artists and art enthusiasts.

The exhibition, held at the TehranMuseum of Contemporary Art, celebratedthe eightieth birthdayanniversary ofAli-Akbar Sadeghi and more than 60 years of his artistic activities. Two-hundredworks of arts, including paintings, illustrations, animations, and graphicswere exhibited, displaying one of the most complete exhibitions of this master of painting and multifaceted artist.

Ali-Akbar Sadeghi is an Iranian-style painter.Hisstyle is a type of Iranian surrealism based on traditional Iranian coffee house paintings, in which he is inspired by Iranian mythology and culture.

“Artists and scientists are the messengers of God on earth to resurrect the beauty and the unknown for the people. I love everybody: the Iranian youth,our country, and the ForeverPersian Gulf. I wear Iran’s soil as the kohl of my eyes”, said Ali-Akbar Sadeghi at the opening ceremony.

Referring to Tehran's snowy weather, Sadeghi stated: “I thank you for coming to see the humble meon this white snowy day. I am old, but still small. Believe me, I like all human beings just like the first day that I was born and was innocent”.

Pointing outthat we should build our society ourselves, he continued: “All human beings are innocent like the first day they were born. We need to create a utopia and build our society. I even love a gangster and a terrorist. When we show love and kindness, it will spread. Hoping for a day that all people are pure and kind and love each other”.

The ceremony was attended by MajidMollanorouzi, director-general of the Center for Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Fereshteh Mousavi, Senior Curator of the Exhibition, Ali Bakhtiari,Curator and Consultant ofthe Exhibition, who gave speeches about Ali-Akbar Sadeghi. A film about the life of Ali-Akbar Sadeghi, directed by Reza Sayyah, was also screened.

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