February 02, 2018 10:07
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(Persia Digest) – The ancient “Sadeh” ceremony was celebrated in Kerman Tuesday evening by a group of Zoroastrians and their compatriots in “Baghcheh Badaghi”

The ceremonies began with prayers by the Magi of magis and a message by the Zoroastrian MP was read for the occasion.

“Sadeh” is an ancient Persian ceremony which is celebrated every year on 30 January, namely 45 days after the start of winter.

Zoroastrians gather together in their towns around a big fire and celebrate by praying, singing, and dancing.

Ancient Persians believed that lighting a big fire warmed the heart of the earth and ended the cold of winter, bringing life back to the planet.

Kerman has one of the largest Zoroastrian populations in the world, where their ancient customs and ceremonies are celebrated in Iran every year.

Historic evidence indicates that the ritual is always celebrated in groups, by all the villagers getting together to light a big fire outside. People work together to gather the firewood and turn this into feast of solidarity.

Apart from Kerman, Zoroastrian Iranians celebrate in the cities of Karaj, Yazd, Meybod, Ardakan, Ahvaz, Shiraz, and Isfahan. They also celebrate in Sweden, California, and Australia by gathering around a fire and praying and singing and dancing.

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