February 01, 2018 11:50
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(Persia Digest) – The Ferdowsi Green University of Mashhad will hold its first international conference on green management on 6-7 February 2018 with eight representatives from top universities in the world.

The university’s maiden conference will be attended by the Minister of Science and provincial directors on campus. Last year, the first national green university conference was held in the Persian Gulf University. This year, the first international conference will be held at the Ferdowsi Green University of Mashhad which is the second one in the country.

University President, Dr Mohammad Kafi told ISNA News Agency: “The environment and green universities have become global today. The green university is based on greenmetric guidelines, including the six key indices of environmental infrastructures, energy and climate change, wastewater management, water, transport, and education used for ranking. The goal is to provide a comprehensive landscape of environmental conditions, policies, and sustainable development in universities of different countries.”

He said the idea of opening a green university in Mashhad was developed twenty years ago: “In the 7th and 8th governments, an MoU was signed with the Ferdowsi University to implement this on campus.”

Kafi added: “Iranian universities are impressively presented at the first international conference. Meetings on marketing strategies with a green approach will be held on the sidelines of the conference for the first time, in which all technologies and equipment invented to make a green university will be showcased.

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