February 03, 2018 11:06
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(Persia Digest) – Sadegh Tabrizi can be named as the Father of calligraphy painting of Iran and an artist of the “Saqqakhaneh School of Art” that uses votive Shia art in modern works.

Sadegh Tabrizi was the founder of calligraphy painting in Iran and one of a few remaining artists in the Saqqakhaneh style who pioneered the combination of calligraphy with painting. He passed away at the age of 79 in London last week.  

He was a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts in interior architecture. But, his works in the visual arts of Iran are lasting. His innovative pioneering works in calligraphy painting were later picked up and evolved by other artists in Iran.

He setup the first French Club Exhibition in 1961 and is a founder of the “Ghandriz Hall” in Iran. He showcased many solo and group exhibitions in Iran, and European and Asian art expos, promoting this style of Iranian painting.

Some of his many exhibitions were staged at the International Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum in Marcela, Italy, Hill Gallery London, Manhattan Soho USA, Sirous Gallery Paris, Art Expo China, and a number of museums around the world where his works are kept.

“Saqqakhaneh School of Art” not only referred to calligraphers, but to all artists – painters and sculptors – who used traditional Persian forms as a starting point in their works.

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