February 05, 2018 10:59
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(Persia Digest) – There has been 20 years of talk on launching the University of Traditional Iranian Arts, but to no avail.

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution ratified the launching of the University of Traditional Iranian 20 years ago. But the art is on the verge of being forgotten and there is still no sign of the university.

At a ceremony honoring pioneering artisans at the Cultural Heritage Organization yesterday, handicrafts specialist, Abdol-Majid Sharifzadeh, said: “Plans to launch a university for the traditional arts of Iran has been in the pipelines for nearly 20 years. Traditional art is not a theoretical field and must be taught as a master and student course in practice. The ethics of traditional arts must be conveyed from master to student.  The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution ratified the launching of the University and President Rouhani also named it after Master Farshchian; but, unfortunately, this has not materialized yet.”

He added: “Traditional arts have been handed down from generation to generation throughout decades and represent us and our culture. It is not an art easy come easy go. Plans were made for it and circumstances were at times right and at times we were faced with weak points.”

This University Professor continued by saying that scholars and artists hold a special place around the world: “Artists have always been revered, but they must also be supported. At the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, no predictions have been made to support pioneering masters of the arts. It is sad to hear the bitter words of some who ask what good will it do to say they are the masters, Class 1 artists who will have place in the artists’ section of the cemetery – which may not even be available today; when they pass away, the cemetery says we have no room left there.

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