February 05, 2018 13:53
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(Persia Digest) – Carpets from Malayer as old as one hundred years are been exhibited for the first time in Golestan Palace from 7 February 2018.

As announced by its PR Office, Palace Directory Massoud Nosrati, has said: “The Palace museum complex will be holding periodic exhibitions for the introduction of Qajar era carpets. Two previous exhibitions entitled “A selection of Golestan Palace rugs” and “Qajar woven gardens” are part of the exquisite carpet exhibitions at the Palace, displaying 26 pieces of rugs and carpets.

Nosrati added: “The 3rd Golestan Palace Carpets Exhibition is dedicated to Malayer with 17 large carpets dating back to 100 years ago.”

Malayer is in central Iran. Benefiting from the Lur and Kurd ethnic cultures (Lak) in this part of Iran, Malayer has produced creative handwoven carpets inspired by urban designs. The Malayer carpet has the weave and durability of Sanandaj, flower patterns of Bijar, and the delicacy and gentleness of Hamedan and Sarugh carpets. Also, its carpet quality and innate strength has earned it its own special seal.

The 3rd Golestan Palace Carpets Exhibition and book expo will open at 11h00 on 7 February by the officials of the Cultural Heritage Organization. This will be open to the public for ten days at the “Chador Khaneh” Building at the Palace from 09h00 to 15h00 every day.

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