February 06, 2018 10:13
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(Persia Digest) – Ebrahim Hatamikia’s “At dinner time” is being screened at the Fajr International Film Festival this year. He has spoken about the possibility of its screening in the Middle East and other parts of the world at a press conference.

Hatamikia has been a filmmaker for over 30 years. His themes are mostly focused on politics, and at times on sociopolitical issues. His cinematic approach to sociopolitical issues in Iran and the facilities at his disposal, his ideological topics, and filmmaking methods have been points of discussion by his audiences. Last night, he was airing his grievances about being asked more political questions again than cinematic ones.

After the screening of his production last night, he was faced with questions by the media.

At the press conference, the producer of “At dinner time” was asked about his film “Reporting a celebration” which has been taken off-screen, to which he answered: “I am still Hatamikia until further notice and I still want my movie to be screened, because it is just a misunderstanding. I am ashamed that the film has been taken off the screen. I am not proud to have a production that has not been permitted to be shown in the IR of Iran. It had nothing to do with Mr Shamghadir, because a group applied pressure not to show the film.”

He added: “I hope it will be shown in the Middle East; although, many there have misunderstood us. I am not against this Festival. But I have problems with it when I see our young people becoming entangled, burning up, and turning to ash.”

On the proposal that had been made to him about making a film about the Sanchi incident, Hatamikia said: “I was approached to make a film, which rather surprised me. We must wait and see how that one turns out.”

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