February 06, 2018 10:38
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(Persia Digest) – As the US Secretary of State has announced the setup of a workgroup to discuss the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said his country has no information on the workgroup of the three European countries on the JCPOA and has not received anything formal from them. He said the Americans talk about their dreams through other people.

Bahram Ghassemi stated that the US Administration has pursued its policies of destroying the JCPOA, and will continue to do so. He added: “Steps taken by the US clearly indicate that they are not committed to their obligations.”

The spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “It is clear that the US is unhappy about Iran’s relations with the EU and countries in the region and it is trying to pressurize them to abide by its rules and interests.”

He stressed: “Iran-EU ties go back a long time and this has been strengthened over the years.”

Ghassemi continued by saying that Iran has had numerous discussions with the EU on different issues, and added: “We can conduct discussions on regional and international topics with all countries. This is not an issue for us.”

As reported by Persia Digest, the US Secretary of State has announced the workgroup on the JCPOA with the UK, Germany, and France while Federica Mogherini declined to comment on the subject at a press conference during her visit with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine.

Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, has warned that any amendments to the JCPOA pursued by Washington are currently impossible.

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