February 06, 2018 11:15
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(Persia Digest) – With the passing of only a year and a few days after the Plasco building fire and collapse in Tehran, the 51-year old building of the Ministry of Energy, with the same metal structure as Plasco, has caught fire in the capital which has not been extinguished after 24 hours of efforts by firefighters yet. The dangers of it collapsing are very high.

Despite the passing of 24 hours from the fire that broke out at the Ministry of Energy building in central Tehran, firefighters are still working to extinguish it. The building faces collapse and danger of damages to the surrounding buildings has meant that these have all been evacuated. Water, electricity, and gas have been cut off in the area.

Firefighters were at the scene yesterday only minutes after the fire broke out on Valiasr Street. The area has been cordoned off within a distance of 15 meters and all the surrounding homes and buildings have been evacuated.

The Fire Chief, Mahdi Davari, has said: “The fire is not entirely under control yet and it is still burning in the basement level -4. We are faced with problems here due to high temperatures, at times reaching 250 degrees centigrade.”

Tehran Mayor, Mohammad-Ali Najafi, was at the scene at 07h30 this morning. He was joined by the Governor and Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran.

The Mayor spoke to journalists at the scene, and stated: “The main problem is that the fire broke out in the -4 basement level, where the archives are kept. The fire is very big and difficult to access.”

He continued by saying that the building might collapse or subside: “Cracks have appeared in the western wing of the building in particular, and the entrance to the car park. This is an indication that part of the building may subside.”

Nine people have been injured in the fire and most have been treated as outpatients.

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