February 07, 2018 14:41
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(Persia Digest) – The Australian National Music Festival will open with Kurdish melodies end of February 2018.

The Kurdish music will be performed by the “Sarv” group, led by Salar Ayoubi who is also the composer, on 16,17,18 February 2018.

Popular musicians, such as Baker Boy and Australian singer Leo, will be at the Festival opening ceremony. The 16,17, and 18 of February will be host to Kurdish and street music.

The band leader, Salar Ayoubi, pointed to the repertoire of music they have selected for their performance, and said: “We have prepared a number of Kurdish folk music to perform here. The main titles are “Shamameh”, “Larzan”, “Amina”, and “Shahr Ashoub”. We have also allowed a space for improvisation by the band.

Band players are Vahideh Issaei, Sogol Mirzaei, Mansour Azadfekr, and Nazanin Ranjpur.

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