February 07, 2018 16:54
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(Persia Digest) – In an interview with the Persia Digest reporter, former Iranian diplomat Fereydoun Majlessi, has answered questions about the future of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the JCPOA.  Majlessi is presently a foreign policy and international affairs analyst.

On the US view regarding talks about Iran’s missile program, he told Persia Digest: “Iran’s missile program is not linked to its commitments under the JCPOA which only mentions that Iran must refrain from manufacturing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. However, a slogan was written on the missile about the destruction of Israel, leading westerners to believe that the missile program was not a deterrent, but an admittance of being an aggressive weapon to challenge the western world.

Majlessi believes that the US will not withdraw from the JCPOA, but will put forward issues with Iran and link them to the nuclear deal in talk and slogans in order to influence European countries and keep them on his side to help him carry on with the Iran sanctions as much as possible, in the same way that Iran has been sanctioned until now.

Nevertheless, he added: “It is still possible for Trump to withdraw from the deal in May. Finding excuses is easy. The US claims that, from the viewpoint of the US, the West, China, and Russia, Iran is a threat to world peace and security. Iran is not being punished for its missile program. But, we are captive to the slogan written on the missile, a slogan that has kept Iran captive for nearly forty years.”

On the new European approach to the JCPOA, Majlessi commented: “EU countries have adopted an independent policy on the nuclear agreement. A year ago, Mrs Merkel formally announced that if Iran believes we will have conventional economic ties with them while they are threatening Israel, they are mistaken. Support for Israel in France is even stronger than in Germany. Although Europe is engaged in rivalries with the US, this does not mean they will side with Iran. I believe the EU will eventually enter negotiations with Iran on its missile program and regional issues.”

He continued: “If Iran wants to be part of the international community, it must be ready to negotiate. Of course, it will not bow down to changes in the JCPOA, nor should it do so; because, that Iran has cheated the US in the JCPOA nuclear agreement is the only right thing Trump has said.”

He added: “In my view, talks on the missile program will take place. Of course, Iran does not have to accept these. But, in that case, it must get ready for war. The talks will not be about the missiles, but about international issues and security measures.”

Majlessi stated that Zarif was able to cheat the US in the JCPOA and get their signature on an agreement which abolished six UN Security Council resolutions. He added: “Trump may not recertify the deal and suspend Iran sanctions this time, because he is seeking war with Iran. Certainly, you can always have war. When a country is persistently looking for war, no diplomats can prevent it.”

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