February 07, 2018 16:56
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(Persia Digest) – Seyed Abbas Araghchi, political deputy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, is leaving for Paris today with a high level delegation of economic and banking officials to take part in the 2nd Euromoney Conference and conduct political and economic talks with French officials.

Other Iranian officials taking part in the 2nd Euromoney Conference apart from Mr Araghchi include CBI CEO Valiollah Seif, Bimeh Markazi CEO Abdol-Nasser Hemati, and Chairman of the Board for Saman Bank Vali Zarrabieh.

The Head of Iran Investment Organization, Mohammad Khazaei, will also be heading a delegation of experts from the CBI and Ministry of Economy to conduct talks on expanding economic and banking ties with France.

The 2nd Euromoney Conference is on banking relations and international trade, and conformity of Iranian banks and companies with international regulations will be examined.

Managers, experts, and representatives from more than 250 banks, credit rating agencies, and major financial institutions in Europe will attend this one-day conference on 8 February in Paris.

At the conference key issues will be discussed on the reintegration of Iran into the global economy by bankers and industrial leaders of Iran with their international counterparts, as well as exploring the opportunities for widespread investment in Iran in capital markets, oil and gas markets, aviation, transport, tourism, and insurance sectors.

Euromoney is one of the internationally recognized institutions in banking studies, capital markets, and investment.

According to IRNA News Agency, the French government has decided to use special export loans to circumvent US sanctions and facilitate trade with Iran.

BPIfrance President, Nicolas Dufourcq, said that € 1.5BN can be provided to help French exporters. In 2017, the bank launched specific plans to facilitate trade with Iran. These loans can be issued to French exporters of goods and services within four to five months.

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