February 08, 2018 12:13
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(Persia Digest) – A statue of 11th century Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet, Hakim Omar Khayyam will be unveiled in a Budapest city square simultaneously with the Budapest Book Fair.

Supported by the Iranian Ambassador to Budapest and the Institute of Cultural Exhibitions, the statue of Omar Khayyam will be unveiled in the city during its Book Fair. The news was announced by Amir-Massoud Shahramnia, Institute of Cultural Exhibitions CEO and Deputy of Tehran International Book Fair, who told ILNA News Agency: “A number of publishers who visited the book fair in Tehran last year became more interested in translating Persian books upon their return to their countries.”

He spoke about this new interest in Persian books, and added: “A publisher from Hungary has expressed interest in translating and publishing the Robai couplets of Omar Khayyam. Presently, this has been completed in three languages. Also, an Egyptian publisher is currently in the final stages of signing a rights agreement for the translation of Persian books. We also have an Italian publisher who has been translating and publishing Persian literary works.”

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