February 10, 2018 13:01
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(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Deputy Minister of Economy has announced Iran is ready to put million dollar projects to tender for foreign investment.

As reported by Mehr News Agency from a meeting at the Paris conference, Mohammad Khazaei held talks with the Head of the “Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF)”, or the "Movement of the Enterprises of France", Yves-Thibault de Silguy, and over thirty representatives from leading French companies.

The Head of MEDEF said at the meeting: “We are happy to receive you at MEDEF. We are all in favor of a strong Iran and hope to increase incentives for French companies to have a more prominent presence on the Iranian market with more accurate information given by you here about changes in the Iranian economy.”

Khazaei also said: “Despite threats made by US President Donald Trump and certain opposing voices against working with Iran, we saw great improvements in economic ties between Iran and the international community.”

He continued: “Instances, such as a drop in Iran’s risk factor from 6 to 5 in the OECD and the signature of finance agreements are positive changes.”

Khazaei stated: “Economic relations and the use of financial and banking services are a two-way street. We will never stop our economic growth due to the caution and fear of some countries.”

He reiterated that economic projects worth over millions of dollars are ready for foreign investment in Iran and, in case of hesitation by French banks, these projects will be awarded to other countries who are ready to work with Iran under favorable conditions.

Based on this report, Mohammad Khazaei traveled to Paris on the invitation of MEDEF to discuss the expansion of bilateral trade ties with this country.

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