February 10, 2018 14:01
News ID: 1198

(Persia Digest) – The 10th international section of Fajr Visual Arts Festival will host 67 works by 39 artists from 15 countries this year in various visual art fields alongside its other sections.

The international section of Fajr Visual Arts Festival will run from 7-14 February 2018 at the ECO Institute in Tehran, showcasing works by artists from Afghanistan, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, and Germany.

The opportunity has been provided for selected artists from the 9th edition of the Festival to be introduced to the “Cité” in France.

The legends’ section of the Festival is also hosting ten pioneering artists at the Palestine Museum. The Festival is taking place simultaneously in other cities in Iran, such as Gorgan and Shiraz.

The Fajr Visual Arts Festival will also be held in Tarhan and a number of other provinces in Iran from mid-February in the competition and invitation categories. The competition category is hosting 88 works.

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