February 12, 2018 15:43
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(Persia Digest) – An exhibition of the dolls and props used in plays by Zahra Sabri called “The Galaxy” will be held in two Polish cities.

These dolls were used in the plays “Tuti par” [The parrot has flown], “Naneh Delavar” [Nana Delavar], “The house of Bernarda Alba”, “Zamin va Charkh” [Earth and rotation], “Hasht Lahzeh” [Eight moments], and “Ta yek beshomar” [Count to one] by “Yas Tamam Company”. All the dolls are made by Zahra Saberi and will be touring the world as a collection. The dolls have already been displayed at the Tolosa International Puppet Center in Spain and the Warsaw Opera House in Poland. The dolls will travel from Warsaw to Łódź and Kielce in southern Poland.

The collection will be in Kielce museum until 9 March 2018. They will travel to Łódź on World Puppetry Day on 21 March to be met by Unima Poland Director and be showcased for two months.

Zahra Sabri, Yas Tamam Company Manager, told Mehr News Agency: “Once the Tolosa exhibition was over, it made me sad to think where the dolls would be kept upon their return to Iran. Before the tour, they were kept in the “Chahar Khaneh” basement; but now, they are showcased in the best museums in Europe. Little store is set by our art at home.”

Sabri has always been critical of not having a puppetry museum in Iran; she had this to say on the subject: “I wish for my puppets to be safe from homelessness and travel the world.”

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