February 13, 2018 15:41
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(Persia Digest) - "Little Hamlet" written by "Mohsen Iraji" and "Ofogh Iraji" will go on stage in the style of Siah-Bazi (playing black), directed by Zhoubin Ghaziani, with a message from Ali Nasirian, in Vancouver, Canada on February 18th.

The musical comedy play “Little Hamlet”, with a message from Ali Nasirian, goes on stage on February 18th, this year at the Centennial Theater, Vancouver, Canada.

Ali Nasirian emphasized on the performance being done by Iranians residing in foreign countries, and stated that the formation of theater groups by those who are experienced in this field, and the education of those who are interested in theater are very important. “This will make Iranian culture, Persian language, and Iranian theater not to be forgotten in the communities residing in other countries, especially performances that are related to ancient Persian traditions”, he said in his message.

“This play is written by the Irajis, artists from the town of Khomein, and adapted from "Hamlet as Told on the Street" by Shel Silverstein in the style of "Tehran Poetry". Rewriting and dramaturgy of the play for stage took about twenty months”, Zhoubin Ghaziani, director of the play said.

Referring to the fact that performing outside of Iran is always faced with a lack of professional groups, Ghaziani said: “By forming “The Blue Light” theater company under “The Vancouver Theater Academy”, I began to train with a number of theater enthusiasts to perform this play. Meanwhile, others who had some experience in theater were added to the team. In rewriting the play, I tried to replace the proverbs and fairy tales, and add Siah-Bazi scenes as well, and in other scenes I used dolls found in traditional and ritual performances such as Mobarak, Takam and puppets, to pay tribute to Iranian old and ancient traditions and customs.

In this play, Arash Azad, Kasra Azad, Asad Beigi, Elnaz Rezaei, Fardin Zahedi, Soheila Salimi, Sanam Salimi Elizei, Sepideh Samii, Zhoubin Ghaziani, Leah Fallah, Mansour Firouz Bakhsh, Mahsa Gharagozlou, Iman Karbalaeian, Atia Gapleh, Abdolhamid Mohammadian, Ashraf Mirnezami, and Mohammadzia Yazdani will have roles.

The music of this play is performed by the master tar player Alborz Rahmani, and Sina Ettehad, Naim Charkhi, Navid Gamini, Atefeh Jahanbin, and Sarah Jabbari accompany him in performing and singing.

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