February 16, 2018 10:21
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(Persia Digest) - Renault Regional Manager in Iran, Pascal Felten, announced: “By launching a new round of cooperation between Renault and Iran, job opportunities will increase tenfold and Renault's total investment in Iran will reach € 800MM.”

He emphasized that Renault is the strategic partner of the automotive industry in Iran, and added: “Fourteen years of uninterrupted presence in Iran has allowed us to move forward with strength.”

He also commented on future plans by Renault in Iran: “Our future cars in Iran will have less pollution, more quality and safety, and more competitive prices.”

Renault’s Regional Manager added: “We will help Iranian parts manufacturers to increase their quality and competitiveness to join the world's largest automotive supply chain of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi.

He reiterated: “Iran will be Renault’s regional hub for the export of cars, parts, and raw materials.”

He emphasized on the opening of the Renault Engineering Center in Tehran, and said: “Our most important assets are our Iranian talents. In the new project, one third of our workforce will travel abroad for specialized training and bring their experiences back to Iran for the production of modern vehicles. Additionally, we will use the knowledge of Iranian engineers in the world of Renault. Currently, about 40 Iranian experts have been deployed to train other forces in the world.

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