February 15, 2018 11:22
News ID: 1229

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian National Civil Registration Organizationannounced: “March 11 is the last deadline to register for the renewal of national smart cards [Carte melli]. This deadline will not be renewed. Iranians living overseas whose cards are valid for 2018 onwards can still keep using these.”

Abu-Torabi said 31 million cards have been issued to date, and added: “This takes place in two stages. In the first instance, applicants can register online or at the Civil Registration Organization offices for an appointment. In the second stage, they must go to the offices to complete forms and registrations at the time of their appointment.”

He pointed out that renewal will take one month, and stated: “The process may take longer in Tehran due to quality control.”

Abu-Torabi added: “Charges do not apply when making the appointment; but a fee of 31000 tomans is applicable before the card is issued.”

He continued: “The new smart cards will be used for all banking affairs as from the next Iranian year starting April. Some banks will use these as banking cards for their operations.”

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