February 18, 2018 12:49
News ID: 1247

(Persia Digest) - The National Museum of Iran, which hosted reputable exhibitions from around the world this year, and will also host the Louvre Museum of France from early March, was connected to "MHA" Electronic Alert Center.

The National Museum of Iran's security systems were connected to MHA Electronic Alert Center, so that in case of any danger to the Iranian Mother Museum, the police would be able to reach this museum at the earliest opportunity.

The MHA project, the “Electronic Alert Center”, is one of NAJA’s experimental preventive policing plans that has was launched in the country last year. Considering the importance of the National Museum of Iran security, as the mother museum of the country, the command of the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit made the connection of the museum to the network of MHA a priority.

By doing this, the alarm system will sound at all police stations 24/7 in the event of a danger, and the police will promptly go to the museum premises.

From early March, the National Museum of Iran will host the "Louvre Museum in Tehran" exhibition for four months, which will feature more than 50 outstanding works of this museum in Tehran.

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