February 19, 2018 13:44
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(Persia Digest) – In these times of difficulty for theater companies, allocating a state playhouse to a performance is rather an interesting occurrence. Ferdowsi playhouse was established in 2004 and began work with the performance of “Rostam o Sohrab” puppet opera. It is a theater hall designed for marionette performances, where plays by expert in the field, Behrouz Gharibpur, are staged. Sheikh Sanan will also go on stage here.

Gharibpur was absorbed by the play “Magical Flute” by the Salzburg Company he saw in 2002. He became obsessed with marionettes and equipped Ferdowsi playhouse of the Roudaki Foundation for this purpose. “Rostam o Sohrab” puppet opera was the first to go on stage here. Today, he is on his eight puppet opera entitled “Khayyam” by the Aran Company. He has staged the puppet operas of Macbeth, Ashura, Molavi, Hafez, Leili and Majnun, and Sa’di on the lives of famous Iranian poets and love stories.

He is currently working on Sheikh Sanan puppet opera with the Aran Company. This will go on stage in the autumn of 2018.

Gharibpur has told Mehr News Agency: “We have taken the initial steps for Sheikh Sanan. We will also begin composing and recording the music and sound in March, and begin work on the puppets and stage.”

The producer of shows for Molavi and Hafez also said that he intends to work on an opera about Pinocchio following Sheikh Sanan.

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