February 19, 2018 13:54
News ID: 1258

(Persia Digest) – The 36th Fajr International Film Festival will run from 20-27 April 2018 simultaneously with the 120th anniversary of cinema. The poster for the Festival has been unveiled with an old picture of when the cinema began work in Iran.

This edition of the Fajr Festival is taking place as the cinema celebrates its 120th anniversary in Iran with special programs for the occasion.

The Festival Secretary, Mir-Karimi has said: “The Festival is followed by thirty thousand fans among the people, university and school students, cinema professionals, and national and international media. This year’s edition, in accordance with national, regional, and international targets, enjoys many different categories. Alongside the world cinema, and the cinema of the Islamic world, various workshops will also be organized.”

He added: “We have a large number of participants from around the world, including festival managers, film distributors, and buyers. We have had a growing interest by Iranian filmmakers to participate here, especially in the “Review of Iranian cinema” section and the international section.

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