February 20, 2018 10:12
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(Persia Digest) – The German music band, Schiller, are returning to Iran with their new performances 4-6 March 2018 at the Ministry of the Interior Hall.

Organizers Mahdi Kashi and Mostafa Kabiri have said the return of the band is due to the demand of their fans in Iran.

Schiller will stage an instrumental concert. Christopher von Deylen has organized a special concert for his band in Tehran and will be performing new pieces in their second performance here.

The interesting features of the concert this time are its lighting and sound recording which is taken care of by the Schiller band technicians at the level of international concerts.

Tickets are available online (tic8.com) as from Saturday 17 February.

The Schiller band is a project by Christopher von Deylen who has released works in the electronic genre and has entered the world of professional music since 1998 with his first album. To date, he has sold around seven million albums worldwide.

The band was in Tehran in December 2017 with a 5-night concert at the Ministry of Interior Hall. It was hugely welcomed by the audiences.

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