February 25, 2018 11:57
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(Persia Digest) – Iranian film director, Reza Maghsoudi, is working on a film adaptation of the earthquake that hit Kermanshah Province in western Iran last November.

He told Mehr News Agency: “We are currently researching and gathering information for the script. My assistant has already made a few trips to Kermanshah and I will be going there soon.”

Maghsoudi stated: “I’m taking notes while doing the field research. This will take time and I will begin writing the script after the Nowruz New Year holidays in April.”

He added: “In this part of the world, earthquakes never lose their significance. The Kermanshah earthquake may come to pass one day, but the subject of earthquakes will remain. It is against this backdrop that human emotions and events, such as disasters, distance, separation, void… can be turned into a movie.”

He finished by saying: “We will be filming in the earthquake stricken areas of Kermanshah Province. We have not reached a consensus on the production date; but this will be sometime next year.”

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