February 27, 2018 09:33
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(Persia Digest) – Russia has vetoed a British-drafted resolution at the UN Security Council that condemned Iran regarding Yemen. Eleven countries voted in favor, two against (Russia and Bolivia), and two abstained (Kazakhstan and China). The resolution was vetoed by Russia.

Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN said his country was unable to accept the terms of the British-drafted resolution.

He added that the present situation in Yemen was very complicated, and stressed: “The British-drafted resolution is dangerous and will flare up regional tensions. Therefore, Russia is unable to support the resolution.”

Instead, a Russian-proposed draft resolution was adopted unanimously, extending the sanctions against Yemen until February 2019. This resolution does not mention Iran.

The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, responded to the Russian veto of the anti-Iranian resolution supported by the West, saying: “If necessary, we will act unilaterally against Tehran.”

She added: “If Russia intends to support Iran’s dangerous and destabilizing behavior, the US and its allies will be forced to take unilateral action. We will adopt our own measures if we do not reach results at the Security Council.”

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