February 27, 2018 09:49
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(Persia Digest) - A collection of photos from the Louvre Museum by late Abbas Kiarostami, entitled "Look at Me” will be displayed for the first time simultaneously with the exhibition of the Louvre Museum works at the National Museum of Iran.

“When we were negotiating with Louvre officials, it was decided that works of several well-known photographers worldwide at the Louvre to be displayed in Iran; the French also mentioned that a well-known Iranian artist had taken good photos of the Louvre, namely Abbas Kiarostami. We talked with Ahmad and Bahman Kiarostami for the final selection of works and determined the location of this exhibition”, Nokandeh told IRNA.

“At the exhibition, a special program is dedicated to commemorate the late artist, in which his family will be honored,” the director of the National Museum of Iran said.

Kiarostami had chosen the title "Look at Me" for his photo exhibition. This photo collection, which was not displayed while he was alive, are pictures taken by Kiarostami on his numerous visits to the Louvre Museum in France.

Kiarostami took photos of the visitors’ interaction with the works in the painting and sculpture hall of the Museum from 1996 to 2012, resulting in a series of photographs which will be displayed at the National Museum of Iran.

“The Louvre in Tehran” exhibition is a selection of works brought to Iran from the main halls of the Louvre. These will be showcased at the National Museum of Iran in the wake of cultural interactions between Iran and France from 5 March to 8 June, sponsored by Ayandeh Bank.

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