(Persia Digest) - A trilateral cooperation agreement was signed between Iran's Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Iran Chamber of Commerce, and Germany’s Training and Skills Development Foundation for the implementation of the cooperation plan on professional and vocational training.

The agreement will be implemented over three years and aims to introduce and create elements of "dual" vocational and professional training in Iran, and also to boost and develop professional training according to the needs of companies.

Based on this agreement, the Chamber of Commerce and the Technical and Vocational Training Organization will help Iranian companies to strengthen the areas of dual professional training.

The dual technical and vocational training system (dual system) combined with work involves the simultaneous pursuit of skill development courses based on the production units’ need for an expert field, while the trainees are working in these units. In this system, trainees reach their training goals faster and are hired into the labor market, addressing the need of production units to hire expert and efficient employees.

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