(Persia Digest) – The presidents of Iran and France have held a telephone conversation as the French Foreign Minister arrived in Tehran last night.

Hassan Rouhani spoke with Emmanuel Macron on Sunday afternoon and said: “Iran is ready for long-term discussions and cooperation with France in the fields of economy, culture, and politics.”

The Iranian President praised France’s efforts to uphold the JCPOA nuclear agreement and stressed the importance of all signatories remaining committed to their obligations in the deal. He added: “Tehran will remain committed to its obligations for as long as all the other signatories also remain committed.”

Rouhani pointed out certain rumors regarding talks on completing the nuclear deal, and stated: “Seven countries have reached an agreement endorsed by a UN Security Council resolution. Iran has remained totally committed to its obligations. But unfortunately, the US is continuously creating difficulties on the path of implementing the agreement.”

He explained that discussions between Iran and Europe on regional issues can be very productive; but emphasized that this is not linked to the JCPOA and the important issue here is for the EU to move towards a full adherence by the US to the agreement.

Rouhani also commented on the crisis faced by the people of Yemen and the situation in the Lebanon and Syria.

During the conversation, the French President also emphasized “I would like to build on strong, stable, and clear relations with Iran, and added: “France is doing its utmost to defend the JCPOA and this is our clear, lucid policy.”

He continued by saying: “I have always made it clear that we do not wish to conduct further discussions on the JCPOA. But there are other topics we want to talk about.”

Emmanuel Macron stated that Iran and France shoulder a heavy responsibility regarding the situation in the region and cooperation between the two, especially on Syria and Lebanon, was imperative.

Macron expressed hope to visit Iran at the earliest opportunity.

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