(Persia Digest) – The people of Khorasan Province, northeastern Iran, observe their own local traditions during the Nowruz Iranian New Year on the spring equinox, as in all other provinces around Iran. Many of these are in common with other areas in the country, including spring cleaning, buying new clothes, and visiting family and friends.

But the people of Khorasan also have their own special local customs. For instance, the special sprouts grown for the Nowruz spread is mainly wheat and lentils. They burn rue and dye eggs. A special custom observed in Khorasan is to place an egg on a mirror just before the year changes. People here believe that the egg will turn once the earth has completed its rotation around the sun (ushering in the New Year in Iran) and this can be seen in the mirror.

A special meal eaten on the first day of Nowruz is called “Reshteh polo”, which is made with rice, meat, raisins, and a type of noodle.

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