(Persia Digest) – The first special program of the “Koocheh Music Festival” began in Bushehr yesterday, provincial capital of Bushehr Province, southern Iran. The show will go on until 16 March with the performance of folk music from around Iran. Last week also saw the celebration of Bushehri music festival on the occasion of Bushehr Day, accompanied by folk songs.

The first special program of the “Koocheh Music Festival”, organized by Edris Abdipur will run from 10-16 March for folk music.

This will be held at the “Café Haj Raeis Bushehr” and includes performances by the groups “Kamakan” (Khuzestan Province), “Ashghilar Misho” (Azerbaijan Province), “Damahi” and “Phanus” (Bushehr Province), Surenay (Luristan Province), Shorum (Guilan Province), and Juana (Kurdistan Province).

Workshops will also be organized for music from Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Luristan, Guilan, and Kurdistan provinces.

The Festival will run until 16 March in the city of Bushehr, where bands will be acknowledged at the closing ceremony.

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