(Persia Digest) – The second volume of “Understanding the Identity of Iranian Women" authored by Shahla Lahiji, assessing women in the expanse of Persian civilization under the Medes, Achaemenids, Seleucids, Parthians, and the Sassanid dynasties, has been launched.

The book has been published by the “Roshangaran and Motale’at-e Zanan Publications” managed by Shahla Lahiji. A first volume was penned with the efforts of Mehrangiz Kar and Shahla Lahiji, entitled “Shenakht-e Zan-e Irani dar Gostareh-ye Pish-Tarikh va Tarikh” [Understanding the Identity of Iranian Women Before and After History].

The research aims to find the true, overshadowed identity of the Iranian woman who has accepted her role within the limitations of “requirements” and “social contracts”, and through this ventures to discover the true identity of Iranians from day one of setting the stage for world history.

Although all the seen and unseen being of Iranian women and their social life is overcast by the superficial value criteria of authoritarian governments and remains enslaved by “preconceptions” and denied existence, yet her presence in the peaks and troughs of the national and political life of her nation, and the shaping of Persian civilization and cultural traits is undeniable.

The aim of such a research can be coupled by the question of why the lives of women in Iran and the Middle East has always been laced with surging suffering and dismay from the distant past?

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