(Persia Digest) – Hormuz Island’s 7th carpet of soil is spread out for Nowruz and will be unveiled on 19 March.

It has become customary over the past few years to create a Persian carpet using the colorful soil of the Island in the Persian Gulf during the final days of the Iranian New Year.

Director General of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Hormozgan Province said: “This carpet designed and executed with the soil of Hormuz Island measures 1300 square meters and is made with 12 types of different color soils.”

Alireza Darvishnejad told ISNA News Agency: “The 7th carpet of the Island has been designed by artist Mahdi Darvishi who is an islander himself. It has been made by a group of 50 locals.”

He reiterated: “The designs include legends of the sea narrated on Hormuz Island and its old stories of Nowruz.”

Yellow, white, and red mountains line the sea route from Qeshm to Hormuz islands. Hormuz is an elliptical island and the salt dome of the Persian Gulf at a distance of 8kms from Bandar Abbas Port in the Persian Gulf.

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