(Persia Digest) – Renowned tale by the late Iranian author, Samad Behrangi, entitled “The Little Black Fish” is now over forty years old. It is the latest play being staged by Iranian director, Mohammad ‘Aghebati, in NY from 6 April 2018.

“The Little Black Fish” is a joint Iranian-American production by “Ma” company, delving into the story penned by Samad Behrangi. The screenplay is by Mehrnoush Olia and it is designed and directed by Mohammad ‘Aghebati. It will be performed at the Triskelion Arts playhouse in Brooklyn from 6-8 April.

The play has previously been seen by large audiences in Tehran and Manhattan. Following a sponsorship by the New York State Art Council and the Brooklyn Arts Council, it is now going on stage in Brooklyn.

The synopsis is about a little black fish who lives in a small lake with his mother, with big dreams of the sea.

The cast includes Luka Nojumi, Mary Vial Golden, Peter Sullivan, Nika Nojumi, and Lara Noha. The crew also includes Iranian and American artists.

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